Simple and Easy Substitutes to Plastic Packaging

Businesses small and large are now being expected to use recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging materials in substitution of plastic. 

It’s no secret that our oceans are becoming polluted at a alarming rate by plastic bags, plastic cups, straws, bubblewrap, and other single use plastic materials. 

Consumers are thankfully becoming more vigilant and choosing corporations that are practicing responsible packaging efforts.  Going the earth-friendly rout with packaging and materials for a business can be more costly to the business’s bottom line... but it doesn’t have to be. I wish companies realised it is quite easy to use environmentally friendly packaging for their business. As we ship glass containers, we are hypothetically more at risk for product damage than other companies - yet we haven’t had a break to date and have always used 100% plastic-free materials.

The solution: Here are some simple and easy ways you can use paper, cardboard and other reusable goods to ship your personal or business items: 1. Reuse cardboard boxes sent from suppliers when possible We choose suppliers that are responsible with their packaging and have the same business morals as we do. for that reason, we are able to reuse some of the boxes and craft paper for packaging that they send us our supplies in. we also encourage our consumers to reuse the packaging that we send to send packages to their friends and family.  Die-cut cardboard boxes from a company like prime pac New Zealand work really well and can be customised with your logo (or can be stamped with a custom stamp to enhance branding efforts). 2. Use craft paper to wrap your products instead of bubblewrap or peanuts As mentioned above, craft paper when cut and crumpled and wrapped around your products can be very effective in avoiding damaged goods or breaking of glass. it is also recyclable and reusable and doesn’t take 20 years to biodegrade like some of its plastic counterparts may. 3. Give your customers a reason to reuse your products  If you’ve seen our page you know that we pour our candles into a reusable whiskey tumblers. our vessels are made out of glass so can be recycled but we encourage the use by cleaning them out (read how to easily clean your candle jar here). your customers will appreciate having a second use after your product has been finished and will appreciate the thought and effort going into reusing something that would otherwise go into a landfill. Be creative! Another idea is to share the fact that the boxes and packaging that you are using have been reused from other suppliers and are encouraged for reuse. years ago this may have seemed like a terrible business decision (as you may look cheap), however, today consumers are more Earth / health-conscious and would appreciate the effort and gesture. in other words, save money, save the planet and make it part of your brand story! Are supporting brands that are environmentally friendly important to you? which brands do you think are doing it well?  Leave us a note below as we would love to support them as well. Let’s work together to do our part to take care of the earth, it’s the only home we have.


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