The most important part of your candle? The wick.

Have you ever wondered why some candles tunnel, while others create a lot of soot and burn your hand when you touch your vessel?

It usually comes down to wick size.

These little white flat-braided cotton wicks are THE most important thing in your Little batch candle - even more important than scent . It’s vital we as makers get this part of the candle right, with a lot of testing required. The wick size of your candle effects it’s melt pool, burn time, soot level, heat of the jar when touched and scent throw.

The dream result is a slow burning candle with a strong scent throw, designed to burn all the way to the edge and bottom of your jar, without burning your hand when touched . We use textile-grade cotton wicks (which are lead and zinc free) ... but I also love the sound of a crackling wooden wick .

Do you have a wick preference?


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