3 Ways to Foster Positivity

As we learn to navigate our days under our "Level 2" new normal, I think it's important to seek out little moments of gratitude and positivity.

Here are a few easy ways to stay positive in difficult and uncertain times like these:

1. Write it down:

I spend 5 minutes a day just writing down my worries and anxieties - it feels good to get it out of my head and onto paper.

2. Create a routine:

Decide if you’ll make your bed every morning, if you’ll call your family every Tuesday or if you’ll dedicate an hour every night to reading a new book. Having a routine in place, however structured it may be, can do wonders for your mental health - and will allow your worried brain to go into auto-pilot when needed (while still being productive).

3. Take a long walk:

Whether by yourself or with your “bubble”, take a walk outside - listen to good music, breathe in some fresh air and focus on what you can control.

Personally, I've found my morning walks are such a blessing - both in the moment and in the day to follow. Just getting outside with my family, breathing in fresh air and seeing new surroundings, puts us all on the right track every single day. Plus, it sparks my creativity and helps puts my priorities into focus for the day to come.

How do you stay positive in uncertain times?


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